A deeper bond, a deeper sleep

Jaspar the Dreamy Elephant is so much more than a cuddly toy or a conventional soother. He’s the first sleep aid designed to help develop the bond between you and your baby - use his voice record function to record your own loving message, giving your baby comfort and security when they need it most.

Jasper with child

Jaspar the Dreamy Elephant

Meet Jaspar the Dreamy Elephant. He’s the UK’s first baby bonding and attachment companion which lets you record your own voice. As a new parent, you’ll know that hearing your voice builds the bond between you and your baby like nothing else. There’s nothing that comforts your baby the same way. We often imagine that newborn babies need peace and quiet to fall asleep. In fact, babies feel happier and more comforted if they’re surrounded by gentle sounds, especially ones that ‘mimic’ sounds they experienced constantly in the womb.

The sound of your voice means a sounder, deeper sleep, and a stronger, deeper bond – for both you and your baby.

The Dreamy Elephant Company
The Dreamy Elephant Company
The Dreamy Elephant Company

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