Unfortunately, we are unable to process any orders at the moment on our website. However, Jaspar is available to buy on Argos, Robert Dyas and at all BabyFayre events. For events information please visit https://thebabyfayre.co.uk/


Jaspar requires 3 AAA batteries. The battery compartment can be found on the back of Jaspar under the Velcro pouch. You will require a Phillips screwdriver to open the battery compartment. We strongly recommend you use good quality Alkaline batteries or Rechargeable Lithium ion batteries and ensure you always install the batteries to the correct position and polarity.

This could be because the battery power is running low. Try changing the battery and see if that resolves the problem.

Jaspar plays 6 white noise and soothing sounds, namely; 2 x Birds Chirping sounds, Hoover sound, Hairdryer Sound, Womb heartbeat, and Sea waves sound To find instructions for all the functions please click link here

There are 4 volume levels that range from 41 to 76 dB at 50cm distance.

41 to 76dB at 50cm distance.

Jaspar will play all the pre-recorded sounds for 45 minutes and then switch off automatically.

Jaspar listens out for your baby or child stirring. If your baby wakes Jaspar will play the last sound played for 30 minutes and will then switch off but will continue to listen out for your baby/child stirring for 3 hours. If Jaspar’s cry sensor is not activated after that time it will automatically switch off. Refer to the instructions manual here.

Please refer to the instruction manual here.

Jaspar will record your personal message, sound, or favourite song for 20 minutes. This will remain in Jaspar’s memory until you make another recording.

Jaspar’s tummy light will stay on for 30 minutes and then switch off automatically.

The Lullaby Trust says that a clear cot is a safer cot. We therefore do not recommend placing Jaspar in the cot and so we have designed Jaspar to have a Hanging loop that you can use to attach to the Cot rails or handles on a Moses basket.

Jaspar should only be surface cleaned with a damp cloth. Please do not use any chemicals as they may damage the material or get transferred to your baby’s environment. Please don’t wash Jaspar in the washing machine or tumble dryer as the electrical components may get damaged.

Jaspar can be used to help your child to sleep from age 0 onwards because it has white noise and soothing sounds. White noise and soothing sounds can help people of all ages to relax and help them fall asleep. If you are unsure whether Jaspar will soothe your child, we recommend trialing Youtube videos of white noise to see if it works for your child.

Jaspar has a black switch on the battery compartment unit to switch it off completely.

Jaspar has been fully tested for safety and has passed all the stringent requirements to obtain CE marking including EN71-1,EN71-2,EN71-3, REACH and RoHS regulations.

Please see our returns policy here.

Jaspar is made from 100% polyester and is Hypoallergenic.