Unfortunately, we are unable to process any orders at the moment on our website. However, Jaspar is available to buy from Boots, Robert Dyas and at all BabyFayre events. For events information please visit https://thebabyfayre.co.uk/

About Us

Our mission as a company is to bring to the market innovative, high-quality, sleep and relaxation related products that will help solve the real needs of people in a busy and stressful environment and which will bring tranquillity and happiness into peoples’ lives.

We as the founders of The Dreamy Elephant Company first met in 2007 at a Baby & Toddler group. We quickly discovered that we had mutual ambition of starting a business. Whilst the babies played with their favourite toys, we would sit and brainstorm business ideas. Invariably, baby and toddler related devices and gadgets made their way to the conversation. Having discovered the motivational teachings of Tony Robbins many years later, we felt further inspired to work on developing a sleep-aid products for children and babies and so the journey began.


During the research phase, we discovered that sleep deprivation is a common issue with many people, but it is especially a serious problem for young children and babies which can lead to health and development issues. Also, we noticed a gap in the market for a bonding companion. This had a huge impact on the functionality of the product, as we believed if the baby could feel calm and relaxed then even the parents would get better quality sleep and be able to form a stronger healthier bond with their baby.

There were a few sleep aid products already on the market for babies and young children. However, we felt that these products had definite challenges and there were potential improvements we could make.

We also love elephants because of their very nurturing behaviour towards their young babies (and because they’re so cute!). Making our product a sleep aid toy in the shape of a baby elephant was a no-brainer and that is how the idea of Jaspar was conceived. Our journey had taken over two years to get from the first idea to launching Jaspar, and we have loved every second of it!


 Our aim is to become the Market Leader for Baby Sleep Aids and Accessories and to bring to market a family of related products in the next few years that will help not only parents of new-borns but also older toddlers and older children also.

It's been an enjoyable and challenging journey in many ways, and we have learned so much and made some amazing friends and connections along the way. We're so proud of everything The Dreamy Elephant Company has done so far, and we have so many exciting plans for the future. Our sincere hope is that our products help bring more calmness,happiness and tranquillity into people's lives.