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Security for them, peace of mind for you, and a sound night’s sleep for everyone.

Why Jaspar?

Jaspar is the UK’s first sleep aid designed to help develop the bond between you and your baby.Nothing strengthens the natural bond between you and your baby like the sound of your voice. As far as your baby is concerned, Jaspar is the next best thing to having you right beside to them.

Jaspar’s unique voice recording function means that your baby can be soothed by your voice, no matter where you are, easing separation anxiety for you both. And because Jaspar has a smart, inbuilt cry sensor to detect if your little one wakes, he’ll be there whenever they need him. Jaspar has been designed to help facilitate the best sleep environment for your baby - his six soothing white and pink noise sounds mimic the sounds experienced in the womb, and his warm red tummy light is scientifically proven to help induce sleep.


Better Bonding

Bonding between parent and baby is important for both parties’ emotional and physical wellbeing. The feeling of being protected and nurtured fosters feelings of security for the baby and peace of mind for you. So you both feel happier connect better, and love deeper.

Bonding is the process of forming the emotional connection and attachment between yourself as a parent and your baby. An important thing to remember with bonding is that it's a process – building a relationship takes time, but there are ways to help build a close relationship with your baby.

Scientific research has found that talking and singing to your baby whilst in the womb and in the fourth trimester can help to form a stronger bond between child and parent. A baby in the womb can clearly hear and recognise their mother’s voice and following birth, babies continue to recognise their parents’ voices, associating them with security and comfort.

Deeper Sleep

Sleep is crucial for development for babies and young children - there’s a reason they sleep so much! Sleep contributes towards a baby’s brain development, physical growth, and mood. Facilitating a healthy sleep schedule and soothing sleep environment can help your little one to get the best sleep possible.

Sleep deprivation can affect parents, too. New parents get on average 59% less than the recommended eight hours at night. Not getting enough sleep can impact all areas of life, in particular energy levels, memory, mood, and relationships. Improving your sleep can help you be more focused and productive, as well as less stressed and anxious.

Security for them, peace of mind for you, and a sound night’s sleep for everyone.