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Sensory Development For Babies and Toddlers

There are several factors that can help support babies' and toddlers sensory development


    1. Play: Babies and toddlers learn about the world through their senses, and play is a wonderful way for them to explore and discover new things. Providing young children with a variety of toys and objects that have different textures, sounds, and shapes can help stimulate their senses and promote their physical and mental development.
    2. Movement: Babies love to move, and movement helps them learn about their body and its capabilities. Tummy time, crawling, and other forms of movement can help stimulate your baby's senses and promote their development.
    3. Touch: Babies and toddlers are very sensitive to touch, and they learn a lot through the sense of touch. Gentle touch, such as cuddling and holding, can help your child feel safe and secure and promote their sensory development.
    4. Sight: Babies can see colour and can see about 8-10 inches away about a week after birth and at about 6 weeks a baby can see about 12 inches away. They learn about the world through their eyes so presenting your baby with a variety of visual experiences, such as colorful toys and pictures, can really help stimulate their visual development.
    5. Sound: Babies are very sensitive to sound, and they learn about the world through their sense of hearing. Singing, talking, and reading to your baby can help stimulate their auditory development.
Jaspar has a variety of soothing sounds, colours and texture in the form of embroidered logos on the paws which will help babies and toddlers with their sensory and auditory development. In addition the voice recording function will also help provide comfort, security and ease their separation anxiety when parents or primary  caregivers are not nearby.